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Going on picnics

You can take a few of your dog’s favourite foods to enjoy at a nearby park. Enjoying this time outdoors can help you bond more with them and can be an exciting opportunity for your dog. You can also get to explore some of their favourite things to pick up around the park.

Take them to the dog park

A dog park is an exciting place for your dog to run off a leash, make friends and enjoy time outdoors. It stimulates your dog’s senses due to the new sights and smells. This environment creates a lot of happiness for your fur baby.

Spend quality time

Dogs love interacting with their owners, therefore it is important to spend quality time with them every day. This could be a regular play session every day or a fun grooming activity that you both enjoy like brushing their fur.

Establish rules and boundaries

Dogs love a stable routine, with consistent rules and boundaries. That type of structure enables them to thrive, while frankly also making life easier on your end too. Also, it is important to give them space to engage in activities such as sleeping or playing with their favourite toy, they need it.

Show them the world

Introducing your dog to new environments, people and animals allows them to avoid developing fears and phobias especially when they are younger. This allows them to have enriching experiences in the moment, and can create some great memories for you.

Make eye contact

Taking a calm moment with your dog to maintain eye contact stimulates oxytocin in both you and them. Oxytocin plays a role in trust and helps to create a strong emotional bond. Make sure you only do this with dogs you know very well though. Direct eye contact could be a threat to other dogs.

Speak respectfully 

Dogs understand a lot based on the tone of your voice. Speaking to them in a friendly and rational way is the best way to communicate with them no matter the situation. Dogs can tell when you’re speaking in a patronising way and they feel the insincerity in what you say. 

Snuggling / sleeping next to your dog

Close contact and snuggling with your dogs make them feel loved, safe and secure. Taking a snooze near your dog also shows them love and affection. Dogs are most vulnerable when sleeping so this shows trust and love.

Show them physical affection

Dogs love to receive physical affection such as belly rubs and ear massages. Every dog is different and it is great to experiment and find out what works best for your fur baby. Soft petting can calm your dog down. Remember, dogs do not generally like hugs, it makes them uncomfortable 

Give your dog a massage

Dogs benefit from relaxing massages too. Learning the best techniques or taking a workshop with your dog shows them that you care. There are a lot of online resources that can guide you, or you could occasionally seek a professional’s services.



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